Vuokko Club

Vuokko-klubi -esite.

Wishing you a warm welcome to the Vuokko Club!

The material for Vuokko Club was developed in expert collaboration with Tasaseks. It is meant for anyone who has questions about growth and development.

Every young person needs support, information, and the opportunity to think about puberty and the changes it brings with it. The first period is an important step in many young people’s lives. You may feel joy as a new phase of your life begins, but you might also feel confused and even a little sad as your childhood turns into young adulthood.

With the help of the Vuokko Club, we want you to realize that periods are not something to be embarrassed about or to hide, and instead are a normal and healthy part of life. We wanted to create the Vuokko Club’s material not only to answer your questions, but also to encourage you to discuss topics that might feel strange or even uncomfortable with a safe and familiar adult.

Vuokko Club was created by Sofia Lind, an authorised sexuality educator, founder of Tasaseks, and a teacher. More sex education material developed by Sofia can be found at

Teachers and school nurses can order Vuokko Club booklets and product samples to distribute in schools and use for learning (let your school know 😉). If you wish, you can also print Vuokko Club material or save it in PDF format here in Finnish, Swedish or English.

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