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Menstruation is part of many people’s everyday lives, but the discussion and terminology regarding it has traditionally been very feminine. However, some people who have periods do not identify as women. Vuokkoset wants to make the diversity of menstruation and gender visible by launching the FOR MEnstruation product line. This range was designed in response to customer feedback and aims to expand the menstruation conversation to include all people who experience menstruation.

Menstrual care products that highlight the diversity of menstruating people

Some people who menstruate do not identify as women. They can be men, non-binary, or intersex. On the other hand, not all individuals who identify as women experience menstruation, and that does not make them any less women.

This diversity of menstruation and gender identities highlights the need to develop gender-neutral menstrual care line that take into account everyone’s individual needs and identities. It is of the utmost importance that everyone has the opportunity to use menstrual care products that best suit their body and identity. This promotes equality and respects everyone’s right to their own body and gender identity. The Vuokkoset FOR MEnstruation product line is a step towards this goal, offering products that aim to meet all of their users in their diversity.

The inclusive era of menstrual protection

In recent years, the social debate has gained momentum towards a more gender-neutral way of thinking, which is also reflected in personal hygiene products, especially menstrual care products. Traditionally marketed menstrual care products have reinforced gender norms with feminine colors, images and language, however, forgetting to take into account the diversity of menstruation. Vuokkoset has set out towards a more inclusive future by offering gender-neutral menstrual pads, panty liners and tampons designed for all menstruating people, regardless of gender. These products emphasize minimalist design and neutral colors, creating a more inclusive experience for consumers and supporting society’s shift towards a more gender-neutral norm.

The FOR MEnstruation product family includes a tampon, an underwear liner and a menstrual pad. All FOR MEnstruation products are organic cotton and biodegradable. The products will be available in June 2024 in K-Citymarket stores.

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