A gender-neutral product family for you

FOR MEnstruation product family includes a tampon, an underwear liner and a menstrual pad and it will be launched in June. It’s for all who menstruate.


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Mies ja sukupuolineutraalit Vuokkoset tuotteet

Vuokkoset intimate hygiene products are designed and manufactured in Finland, near you.

Manufacturing high-quality and skin-friendly products that place the least possible burden on the environment is of the utmost importance to us.


Our products

Nuoria inspiroiva ja kannusta latausikoni

For young people

Information for young people who are new to periods.

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My body

Information about your body and surrounding issues. Information for adults in a young person’s life.

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96% of testers recommend Vuokkoset

Source: Consumer survey 2/2019 Babler


vuokkoset pads
Certainty for every day
vuokkoset tampons
100% organic cotton
vuokkoset pantyliners
For daily use

Good for you, good for the planet

We account for our production’s environmental impact throughout the product’s life cycle, from the selection of raw materials to recycling.

The materials and raw materials used in the products are manufactured in an energy-saving and environmentally responsible way.


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