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You will find a wide range of panty liners from us. Our range also includes organic cotton and biodegradable, and vegan panty liners.

Finnish Vuokkoset panty liners are approved by the Allergy, Skin and Asthma Association and are Swan-labeled.

vuokkoset pantyliners
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Pads and pantyliners
Carbon neutral
Vuokkoset Bio normal liner pakkaus

Vuokkoset Bio Normal pantyliner

Biodegradable, vegan, very soft and comfortable pantyliner that is perfect for daily use. Product is 100% carbon neutral.

Vuokkoset Bio ultra light liner pakkaus

Vuokkoset Bio Ultra Light pantyliner

Biodegradable, vegan, the pantyliner can be used with all kinds of underwear. Product is 100% carbon neutral.

Pads and pantyliners
100% organic cotton
Vuokkoset Cotton Normal pikkuhousunsuoja pakkaus.

Vuokkoset Cotton Normal pantyliner

A unique, breathable and absorbent pantyliner with a surface layer made of 100% organic cotton.

Pads and pantyliners
Extremely absorbent
Luxuriously soft
Vuokkoset White Line Long pikkuhousunsuoja pakkaus.

Vuokkoset Long pantyliner

The long and absorbent pantyliner can be used daily. Providing protection during the first and last days of your period.

Vuokkoset White Line Normal pikkuhousunsuoja pakkaus.

Vuokkoset Normal pantyliner

A soft and skin-friendly pantyliner with superior absorbency.

Vuokkoset White Line Soft pikkuhousunsuoja pakkaus.

Vuokkoset Soft pantyliner

A very soft and comfortable pantyliner for daily freshness.

Vuokkoset White Line Ultra Light pikkuhousunsuoja pakkaus.

Vuokkoset Ultra Light pantyliner

Super-thin, can be used with all kinds of underwear.


Are Vuokkoset products skin-friendly?

All Vuokkoset products bear the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation’s Allergy Label, which indicates skin-friendliness. The products do not contain fragrances, bleaching agents, or other substances which commonly cause irritation or sensitivity.

How do I give feedback about Vuokkoset products?

All feedback that we receive is extremely important to us. You can give feedback using the Contact us form, which you can find here.

How can I dispose of or recycle Vuokkoset products?

Biodegradable Vuokkoset Bio products can be disposed of in your home compost or as mixed waste after use. Other Vuokkoset products can be disposed of as mixed waste. The packaging bags for pads can be recycled as plastic waste and pantyliner boxes can be recycled as cardboard.

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Source: Consumer survey 2/2019 Babler


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