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The result of Finnish product development

Vuokkoset products are made by Delipap Oy, a Finnish, family-owned company founded in 1979. The cornerstones of our company are domesticity, Finnish employment, environmental responsibility, skin-friendliness, and high product quality.

Tutustumassa Vuokkoset tuotteisiin.

It all started with sensitive skin

When our founder Raimo Nuortie’s young son’s skin was too sensitive for the gauze diapers used at the time, Raimo began to develop a new product. He developed diapers that incorporated clean, new paper as a raw material, crushed into pulp and formed into a soft sheet structure that spreads moisture evenly throughout the diaper. An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diapers that was also perfect

for sensitive skin. Soon, our operations expanded to sanitary pads. The Vuokkoset product range is named after the blossoming wood anemones that Nuortie admired with his daughters in the forest one spring.

Nowadays, our family-owned company employs around 80 people in various roles. Nuortie’s daughter, Sanna Karhu, is the company’s managing director, and her twin sister Riikka Nuortie  works in production management, while their brother Oskari is the company’s deputy managing director. Delipap Oy is also a member of Perheyritysten liitto, an association of family-owned companies.

Lapset sylissä.

For young people all over Finland

We were just little girls when our father Raimo set up a company that began to manufacture sanitary pads. Back then, pads were still thick, cumbersome, and unpleasant to use. When we teenagers, our father brought home various pads for the women of the family to test out. The most embarrassing thing was that he also asked our friends what brands they used! It goes without saying that we know just how embarrassing periods can feel sometimes.

Now that we’re adults ourselves, and manage the company our father set up, we want to use this opportunity to support young people all over Finland as they become adults. Periods aren’t anything to be embarrassed about; they’re a completely natural part of life!

We’re sure you have lots of different questions. We hope that you can find at least some of the answers on our website. Good luck on your journey to adulthood!

Sanna & Riikka

Lapset nauravat yhdessä.

Today, Delipap Oy is still Finland’s only manufacturer of disposable sanitary pads and nappies. Our long traditions originate from the needs of everyday life and wellbeing.

Manufacturing skin-friendly products that place the least possible burden on the environment is of the utmost importance to us.

That’s why we’ve long worked closely with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. We are also pioneers as manufacturers of hygiene products bearing the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


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