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Period products in the Vuokkoset Bio product range are made from certified organic cotton, and all of the raw materials used in the products are completely biodegradable. The pads are completely biodegradable and are an excellent choice for cabins, or if you want to dispose of them in your home compost. All Vuokkoset products are made with respect for Finnish nature, and no landfill waste is generated from production.

The surface fibre used in the Vuokkoset Bio range is soft, genuine 100% natural cotton, and the absorbent layer is made from chlorine-free cellulose. It is important to us that all of the products in the range are completely biodegradable, even down to the individual packaging. You can dispose of that, like pantyliner boxes, in your home compost.

The packaging bag that thin pads are packaged in is made from environmentally friendly plant-based Green PE. Green PE is an eco-friendly alternative that is made from renewable natural materials. The main ingredient in Green PE is sugar cane, a renewable natural resource that binds carbon dioxide. Green PE is not biodegradable.

And, of course, like other Vuokkoset products, Vuokkoset Bio products do not contain any fragrances or unnecessary chemicals. This guarantees that fewer chemicals come into contact with your skin and our beloved nature.

Vuokkoset Bio products are also very suitable for people with sensitive skin. The pads are reliable, allow your skin to breathe, and feel comfortable. These, like all other Vuokkoset pads, have been awarded the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation’s Allergy Label. The Vuokkoset Bio product range comprises three different levels of protection; a pantyliner, a thin pad with wings for moderate flow, and a longer thin pad for days when your flow is heavier.

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