EU Ecolabel products

Products in the Vuokkoset 100% Bio range are the world’s first menstrual pads to bear the EU Ecolabel!

The EU Ecolabel is an independent indicator of a product’s eco-friendliness – not forgetting its safety and quality, of course. In order for a hygiene product to be awarded the EU Ecolabel, the product’s raw materials and production process must meet stringent requirements. For example, pulp-based material must be sustainably produced, and cotton must be organically produced.

All chemicals used in the product must be both environmentally friendly and safe for the user. The product must also be proven to be effective in terms of performance. The EU Ecolabel Vuokkoset 100% Bio pads indeed offer users a safe feeling during their periods! More details on the requirements of the EU Ecolabel for hygiene products can be found on the EUR-Lex website in all of the EU’s official languages.

For these EU Ecolabel Vuokkoset 100% Bio pads and pantyliners we have chosen raw materials made from natural resources: the surface layer, the absorbent core, protection film, single wrapping and pantyliner box are all biodegradable. The surface material is soft, certified 100% organic cotton and the absorbent core consists of natural chlorine-free cellulose from certified forests in Finland. In addition to these EU Ecolabel products, all other products in the Vuokkoset product range have been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which also indicates that the products are environmentally responsible and sustainably produced.

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