Carbon-neutral periods

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As the manufacturer of Vuokkoset products, the environment is close to our hearts. We consider the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle, from selecting raw materials to the product’s disposal, so that future generations can also enjoy our clean nature. We have thoroughly investigated the greenhouse gas emissions generated by Vuokkoset products. We are proud to announce that all Vuokkoset products are carbon neutral! The Vuokkoset products are carbon neutral thanks to these concrete actions:

Only certified hydropower

Our production only uses electricity produced with certified hydropower. Hydropower is a renewable source of energy that does not generate any carbon dioxide emissions at all. This choice reduces our carbon footprint by 285 CO2 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to heating 100 single-family homes for a year, or a 1.4 million-kilometre-long journey in a petrol car!

All production waste is burnt as waste-to-energy

All of our production waste is burnt and turned into energy at Ämmässuo, near our Veikkola factory, so no waste ends up in landfill.

Designed and manufactured in Finland

Vuokkoset products are designed and manufactured in Finland from only the cleanest and safest raw materials. We always strive to favour Finnish material suppliers or providers, thereby also supporting Finnish employment. In recognition of this, all Vuokkoset pads and pantyliners bear the Key Flag symbol.

Read our thorough carbon footprint report here.

After all of our concrete actions, we offset our remaining emissions by favouring the UN’s Climate Neutral Now programme’s Gold Standard-certified projects, for the biggest benefit worldwide. Vuokkoset products’ carbon neutrality is an important step for our environment. We want to be on the frontier of the fight against climate change and challenge other companies – and consumers – to reduce their carbon footprint.

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