World needs more straight talk about period!

Period is a natural part of  every menstruating person’s life, but unfortunately our society has made this normal thing taboo. Although menstruation concerns about half of the world’s population, the shame and stigma associated with it still exists. This is why the world needs more straight talk about menstruation!

Removing the shame and stigma associated with menstruation can help reduce menstrual poverty and inequality. In many countries, menstruating individuals cannot use menstrual pads or use them insufficiently, leading to menstrual-related health problems and absences from school or work. By removing the shame associated with menstruation, we can also promote the availability of menstrual pads and make them easier to use around the world.

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Tyttö pitelee veristä tamponia kädessään.

Vuokkoset wants to promote an open discussion about menstruation. Our Straight period talk- campaign has helped to reduce the shame associated with menstruation. We should all be able to talk openly about periods. By doing so, we can help create a world where every person who menstruates can be proud to be a human being with a period.

Straight period talk 🩸 podcast

Straight period talk by Vuokkoset! We’re talking straight here! No topic is too taboo for us. Come join us for some normal period talk –  it’s already 2023. Hosts are Aleksandra Laurila and Anni Taipale.


Lukio season 2: Straight period talk

The second season of the world’s first TikTok series, Lukio, focuses directly on period talk and fights against period shame. YouTubers Ella&Helmi also present!


Watch the whole season here

Vuokkoset Lukio 2

Vuokkoset promotes a positive period culture with e.g. following co-operations.

Straight period talk- campaign has received a lot positive feedback

Suoraa puhetta menkoista on is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to!!! 😍😍

This is very nice and funny and a lot of useful information!

Absolutely the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰

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