What does puberty feel like?

Puberty will transform you both physically and emotionally. For some, the development of breasts and widening of the hips are the most visible physical changes. Another new development is the appearance of pubic and armpit hair. You may experience acne on your face, and need to start using deodorant. Your first period is also a big change. Puberty entails so many new and exciting developments that sometimes it may feel overwhelming. Luckily, growing up does not happen overnight, and instead takes years. This way, your body and mind can slowly adjust to the new phase in your life, adulthood.

Going through puberty may not be easy every day. Some days your teachers, parents and friends can annoy you. Other days, a crush can make you feel a bit light-headed. And then there are days when everything is just smooth sailing. On one hand, puberty does not really feel like anything, but on the other hand, it affects every aspect of your life.

Your friends will also start to change, and you may grow apart from some of them while gaining new friends. Your best friend at school can feel like a complete stranger to you when school starts after the summer break. However, you should try to hold on to your best friends. Nothing is as exciting as experiencing things that are new and sometimes a bit scary together with your friends. Hanging out with boys and girls. Enjoying things, trying things out, and doing things for the first time.

Puberty means new responsibilities, but also new freedoms. At times, your parents can forget that you have entered a new stage in your life and the things that used to excite you are no longer as important. Therefore, you should keep communicating with your parents even if you don’t always feel like talking. Younger siblings can also feel like annoying little brats. Well, they can be at times, but keep in mind that they too are growing, and in a few years, you might even find them fun to be around.

Amongst all this turmoil, remember to give yourself time to adjust to the changes. Be kind to yourself and respect your individuality. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are good and enough just the way you are. A unique individual in this universe. And that, if anything, is something to celebrate!

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