Same age, different stages

Puberty is a stage in life that does not progress according to an exact schedule. Physical and emotional changes do not happen in the same order among individuals of the same age. For some, puberty starts with a growth spurt, while for others, the first signs can present themselves in the form of breast growth, or having mood swings before any apparent physical developments.

Of your child’s classmates, some may have experienced their first period while others are still playing yard games. This stage of life can be difficult for teens at either end of this spectrum. Late bloomers can wonder why some of their friends no longer like to play hide- and-seek, while some of their peers are hiding growing breasts under baggy shirts. Therefore, it is important that you as a parent are supportive of your child and accept them just as they are and in the stage they are.

You should encourage your teen and give them positive feedback by complimenting them. Kind words and a supportive environment remind the teen that they are valuable just the way they are. This will help your teen to grow into a balanced young adult despite the possible teenage turmoil.

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