Heavy periods – should I be concerned?

The amount of menstrual flow you experience can vary greatly from cycle to cycle. Sometimes you may have a light flow, and sometimes you may have to change your pad or tampon more frequently due to a heavier flow. It is completely normal for your flow to change from cycle to cycle, during your period, and over the years. Around 10-15% of Finns who have periods suffer from continuously heavy periods, and one third experience a heavy flow at some point.

It is difficult to measure the amount of menstrual flow, but you should talk to a doctor if:

  • Your flow is so heavy that it disrupts your daily life, work, or hobbies,
  • Heavy flows begin suddenly,
  • You experience spotting between cycles,
  • Your periods are very painful.

Heavy periods are the most common reason for iron deficiency anaemia in Finns who menstruate. Anaemia can cause fatigue, pallor, and headaches. If you suspect that your periods are too heavy, it’s worth asking your doctor to measure your haemoglobin levels.

Some people naturally have a heavier flow, and in such cases they need an absorbent, reliable pad. Suitable products for heavy flow in the Vuokkoset range are Long Wings and Night Wings pads.

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