10h Drop Lock Technology

Vuokkoset pads are now an even safer choice for you! The Drop Lock Technology is the result of product development in Finland and guarantees reliable absorption for up to 10 hours. Vuokkoset pads’ new Drop Lock Technology is based on the best possible combination of carefully selected raw materials. The soft surface material remains dry while the pad’s efficient absorbent core locks in your flow. Ultra Seal Protection guarantees that the dry, secure feeling lasts longer, so you can enjoy a clean, comfortable feeling every day of your period.

You can always trust our Vuokkoset pads to be safe and skin-friendly! For years, our products have been marked with the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation’s symbol. We manufacture our products with consideration for the environment, in accordance with the values of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel we have been awarded.

Periods last for around five days on average, and the total flow averages around 20-80 millilitres*). In the lab, we tested the absorption power of Vuokkoset thin pads using the maximum amount of liquid, 80ml, over a period of 10 hours. The pad’s absorption capacity and power fluctuate according to the individual, depending on factors such as movement and activity levels. Although Vuokkoset thin pads’ absorption power lasts longer, we recommend changing your pad every 3-5 hours for hygiene reasons.


*) Source: Terveyskirjasto

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