Hugs, kissing, and the first time


Having a crush and falling in love are absolutely the best feelings in the world, but they can also cause anxiety. Your heart beats faster, your hands are sweaty, and you become a little lightheaded when your crush is nearby. There are a million things going through your mind. How should I tell them that I’m interested? How should I ask them out? What if they don’t return my feelings? All these questions and worries are perfectly normal. Take the time to really get to know the person. Talk and chat. Find out if you have any shared interests and if it’s a good idea to start dating.

Once you have found an amazing partner and really got to know them, intimacy can become part of your relationship. Holding hands, hugging, kissing – you should together discuss what feels comfortable to both of you and when are you ready to take the next steps in your relationship. You should never do anything just to please the other person. Intimacy feels even more special when you both feel equally comfortable about it. The first kiss and the first time you have sex are important milestones that you’ll remember even when you’re old. Therefore, you should remember to respect and look after your body.

The first time will be equally exciting for you and for your partner. You should therefore take your time to explore your own sexuality as well as your partner’s body. Think about what gives you and your partner pleasure. The first time is not a race among a group of friends where the first one to cross the finish line will win. It should be about an intimate moment between two responsible people, and you should always talk about it with your partner beforehand.

Planning and regular use of birth control is also an integral part of a safe sex life. Condoms are the only method of contraception that protects against both sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Condoms are easily available from nearly all supermarkets and corner shops. Condoms are cool – you should never feel embarrassed to buy them!

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