When will I get my first period?

Menstruation, periods, shark week, the time of the month, Aunt Flo’s visit, girl flu…Menstruation has many names and everyone experiences it differently. However, menstruation is a natural and normal part of life. It indicates that you are mature enough to reproduce and can get pregnant.

When will I get my first period?

On average, teens usually get their first period at the age of 13. However, there is no one exact age when menstruation should start. Development into a young adult occurs individually and is affected by many things, for example, your genes, diet and exercise habits. You shouldn’t panic if your friends have already got their period or if you are the first to get yours.

What happens during periods?

During menstruation, the old lining of the uterus sheds through the vagina as menstrual bleeding. Typically, the length of the menstrual cycle is 28 days. The first day of the cycle is the day on which the bleeding starts. The average length of menstruation is 3–5 days. During the first couple of days, the bleeding is lighter. Then, during the middle of your period, it becomes heavier and then decreases again towards the end.

The amount of bleeding and the length of the cycle may vary. You’ll learn to interpret your body’s signs better as you grow older and after you have had a few periods. Before menstruation, you may experience some vaginal discharge. This prepares your body for the period, keeps your vagina moist and clean, and prevents infection. If you want to prevent your underwear from staining, you can also use pantyliners, but this is not necessary.

Should I use tampons, pads, or pantyliners?

During menstruation, you should use intimate hygiene products, such as pantyliners, sanitary pads or tampons. Pantyliners are perfect for lighter bleeding, while for normal and heavier bleeding, we recommend using sanitary pads or tampons. Both pantyliners and pads are stuck on to the panties. Tampons are placed inside the vagina. The Vuokkoset intimate hygiene product range includes comfortable and suitable alternatives for all your needs.

The most important thing to remember is to take care of your personal hygiene. You should wash your genital area frequently using lukewarm water and remember to change your underwear daily.

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