Why is fragrance-free better?

Have you ever considered how many unnecessary chemicals fragrances actually contain? Usually, fragrances are used to cover or alter the actual smell of the raw materials used in a product. A single fragrance can contain hundreds of different chemical components that together form the scent. The chemicals fragrances form out of can sink into your skin and cause problems long after the product has been disposed. Majority of chemicals used to manufacture fragrances are synthetic, some of which are even classified as toxins. Intolerance to fragrances has increased rapidly in recent years in Finland.

Vuokkoset products do not contain any unnecessary chemicals, such as fragrances or scents. All our products are manufactured from carefully selected and pure raw materials and thus we have no need to cover their natural odor with artificial fragrances. Odourlessness is what makes our products more natural and skin-friendly choice for you. When the product is comfortable and does not irritate the skin or make you itch, you also feel more comfortable. Even at the worst time of the month. For this reason, we only manufacture pure, safe and fragrance-free hygiene products.