We ♥ trees – our raw materials come from certified woods

Our daily environmental choices affect our health and wellbeing. The future is built on our everyday choices. By choosing Vuokkoset, you can be certain that all environmental effects have been taken thoroughly into consideration from the manufacturing to disposing the end product.

Environmental values are integrated into our processes throughout the production chain. All our raw material suppliers also fulfill their environmental responsibilities. In addition, we choose our materials on the basis of their environmental soundness. We have even managed to minimize the waste generated in our production and we generate zero landfill waste!

We care about recycling. Thus, all of our product packages are made from biodegradable plastics, polyethylene or cardboard and are suitable either for recycling or burning. Our traditional sanitary pads and liners can be disposed after use to mixed waste, and our biodegradable line or organic sanitary pads and tampons can be composted after use.