Meet the Vuokko Club

Warmly welcome to the Vuokko Club!

The Vuokko Club material has been developed in expert collaboration with Tasaseks and meant
for you, when you have growth and development related questions or thoughts.

Every young person needs support, information, and the opportunity to think about puberty and the changes it brings with it. The onset of menstruation is one important step in the life of a young person. You may feel both joy over the beginning of a new phase of life, and confusion as well as longing when childhood begins to turn into youth. Perhaps the best insight is that menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s a part of a normal and healthy life. We wanted to create the Vuokko Club to answer your questions, but also to encourage discussion with a safe adult about topics that many young people find awkward or embarrassing.

Sofia Lind, authorised sexual educator, founder of Tasaseks and teacher, has created the Vuokko Club. You can find also other sexual education materials that Sofia has developed on

School teachers and school nurses have a possibility to order Vuokko Club booklets and product samples to be given out at schools in Finland (it’s a good idea to tip your own school staff 😉). You can also load or print Vuokko Club material here as PDF format in English, Finnish and Swedish.