Vuokkoset Normal

Thin sanitary towel with a soft surface and without wings, for each day of your period. Individually packed.

Vuokkoset Normal thin sanitary towel goes unnoticed in use. The super thin sanitary towel is more absorbent than a pantyliner, but still reliable and comfortable to use. Suitable for each day of your period.

The Vuokkoset sanitary towels are individually packed. The product is unscented and contains no added chemicals.

Packaging size: pcs
Wings: No


1. Soft and breathable topsheet provides you daily freshness each day of the month.
2. Efficient acquisition layer spreads the moisture evenly inside the pad.
3. Natural pulp core comes straight from Finnish forests.
4. Reliable back sheet provides a reliable leakage protection and prevents any leakages.

Periods: normal part of life