Vuokkoset Long

Longer and absorbent pantyliner, suitable for the first and last days of your period.

Vuokkoset Long is a thin, longer pantyliner. The absorbent and long pantyliner can be used daily. The liner’s design contours to your panties and stays in place, providing protection during the first and last days of your period.

The Vuokkoset pantyliners are unscented and contain no added chemicals.

Packaging size: pcs
Wings: No


1. Soft and breathable topsheet provides you daily freshness each day of the month.
2. Hardly noticeable acquisition layer is really thin, yet it still spreads the moisture evenly inside the pantyliner.
3. Natural pulp core comes straight from Finnish forests.
4. Reliable adhessivity keeps the pantyliner in place.

Periods: normal part of life