Vuokkoset Cotton Normal Wings

Unique, breathable thin sanitary towel with wings and a soft surface layer made of 100% organic cotton. Individually packed.

Try our skin-friendly organic sanitary pads! Vuokkoset Cotton Normal Wings is a gentle and extremely absorbent thin sanitary towel with wings. The pad is perfect for keeping you feeling secure throughout your periods, no matter where you are and what you do. The surface of the sanitary pad is made of genuine 100% organic cotton, which is why the towel feels particularly skin-friendly and breathable. The slender design and contoured wings keep the towel securely in place and prevent leaks on the sides.

Vuokkoset Cotton is the first feminine hygiene product range which has received the Allergy and Asthma Federation label.

All Vuokkoset sanitary towels are individually packed. Vuokkoset products are dermatologically tested, unscented and free of any nasty chemicals such as fragrances, chlorine bleach, micro-plastics, dioxins that are in contact with the most sensitive spot of our bodies.

Packaging size: pcs
Wings: Yes


1. Organic cotton top sheet keeps you feeling comfortable and is extremely soft and breathable.
2. Efficient acquisition layer spreads the moisture evenly inside the pad
3. Natural pulp core comes straight from Finnish forests.
4. Reliable back sheet provides a reliable leakage protection and prevents any leakages.

Periods: normal part of life