Vuokkoset 100% Bio Normal

Biodegradable and reliable pantyliner with a soft surface for daily use.

Try our eco-friendly and organic pantyliners! Vuokkoset 100% Bio Normal pantyliner is fully biodegradable, very soft and comfortable pantyliner that is perfect for daily use. The surface layer of the pantyliner is made of 100% certified organic cotton, and the efficient absorbent layer is chlorine-free cellulose.

The liners are fully biodegradable, so you can dispose the liner and the cardboard packaging in your own home compost after use. The pantyliners are perfect for keeping you feeling fresh all day long.

Vuokkoset products are dermatologically tested, unscented and free of any nasty chemicals such as fragrances, chlorine bleach, micro-plastics, dioxins that are in contact with the most sensitive spot of our bodies.

Packaging size: pcs
Wings: No


1. Organic cotton top sheet is super soft and keeps you feeling comfortable each day of the month.
2. Biodegradable absorption core comes straight from Finnish forests.
3. Biodegradable back sheet is reliable and also fully biodegradable.

Periods: normal part of life