Only pure and safe raw materials

All human activity leaves a trace on the environment. The state of the environment concerns each of us because our health and wellbeing depend on the cleanness of nature, the soil, and the atmosphere. Every day, we make choices that impact our living environment. By choosing Vuokkoset, you can be certain that all environmental effects have been taken thoroughly into consideration. To acknowledge our efforts in the area of environmental responsibility, our Vuokkoset products have been awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Ecolabel is not readily awarded to disposable products and therefore the products and the production process must meet very strict environmental standards and requirements. The materials and raw materials used in the products must be manufactured with low emissions and with no burden on the environment. Our production process does not generate any landfill waste – all waste generated is incinerated. The heat generated in our production process is used as energy. Products that carry the Nordic Ecolabel may not contain any chemicals harmful to humans or the environment such as unnecessary fragrances, lotions or colorants.

We take environmental impacts into account throughout the product lifecycle from material selection to the disposal of the product. In addition to our normal range of products, we have taken our product development one step further and created a line of fully organic and biodegradable sanitary pads and tampons. Vuokkoset is an environmentally responsible choice for you who cares about our world!