Delipap Oy – Finnish-made hygiene products since 1979

Delipap Oy is the only manufacturer of disposable sanitary towels and baby diapers in Finland. Our family company was established in 1979 and since then, we have been a close part of our customers’ lives. Our core competencies include environmental responsibility, skin-friendliness and high quality.

Our long history originates in everyday needs and wellbeing. Our story begins from the small son of Raimo Nuortie, the founder of our company. The old style cloth diapers widely used at the time irritated the little boy’s skin, so his father, Raimo, started to develop a new kind of baby diaper. Raimo came up with a diaper made from clean paper that was crushed into pulp and formed into a soft sheet structure that absorbed the moisture evenly inside the diaper. This was just the first step in the success story of our Muumi Baby diapers.

Soon, our product range also expanded into feminine hygiene products. The Vuokkoset product family was named after the wood anemone flowers whose bloom Raimo Nuortie once admired in a spring-time forest together with his daughters.

Today, we employ around 70 people. Sanna Karhu, the daughter of Raimo Nuortie, is the managing director and her twin sister Riikka Nuortie is the production manager, whereas Oskari is the vice president of Delipap.